The creative team at Atomic Fiction recently completed "Teddy Bear" an animé-inspired, post-apocalyptic vignette to demonstrate our end-to-end concept, digital character and hard surface pipeline.

Production Company: Atomic Fiction
Director: Mauricio Baiocchi
DP: Jimmy Mitchell
Creative Director: Ryan Tudhope
VFX Supervisor: Kevin Baillie
Mech Design: Marc Gabbana
Modeling: Brian Freisinger, Mike Hill, Alex Jupp
Textures: Brian Freisinger
Rigging: Anton Dawson
Animation: Jenn Emberly
Look Development / Lighting: Jim Gibbs
Compositing: Woei Lee
VFX Production: Dale Taylor, DeAndra Stone
MoCap Performers: Sunny Mahil, Alex Matteo Orr
MoCap Technician: Rodney Brett
Sound Design: Ryan Tudhope, Joe Loera
Special Thanks to Ex'pression College for Digital Arts

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