15 Minutes is the first music video VNI shot for Boerum Hill. It was truly a collaborative effort every step of the way. Co-directed by VNI and Eric Ganz, frontman for the band.

The concept for the video began with a simple idea; put a person in a cage and let them rage. Knowing we had no budget, we began looking for great performance videos and A Perfect Circle's Judith video seemed to have everything we wanted. Directed by David Fincher, Judith is a simple performance video designed to look like it was shot haphazardly with available light. It's dirty and dark and it was a perfect starting point for 15 Minutes.

Extrapolating what we liked about the Judith video, we came up with a list of simple experiments that we thought would lend themselves well to the look we were after. Single bare-bulb chroma-green kinos on flicker boxes swinging from the ceiling, a girl freaking out at 1fps with a 1sec exposure holding flash lights in her hands, an array of overused max brutes blinding the camera (even though we swore we'd only take them up to a max of 20%) , and lens smashing were all employed throughout the video to ultimately get us as far from Judith as we can possibly get.

The result; a pretty disturbing, dark, messy collage of rage, momentum, badass performance and a bitchin' music video.

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