Woven is the first complete e-wearable (game) platform that you wear during the whole day. It makes life easier, more personal and much more fun. This video demonstrates the possibilities of the prototype build to explore the possibilities of e-wearables and an interactive experience. The prototype has many built-in functionality, like bluetooth, internet, body movement registration, heart rate sensor, 144 RGB LEDs, active speakers and haptic feedback to create this experience!

This project is a graduation project by Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten, a Game Design & Development and Interaction Design students at Utrecht School of the Arts.

For more information: wearablegames.eu

We want to thank the following people:

Fashion Designer: Marina Toeters
Fashion Designer: Melissa Petersen-Bonvie
Audio Designer: Arne Hofer
Supervisor: Marinka Copier

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