Quick, name the four towns that have been the capital of the United States!

Philadelphia. Check!
New York. Check!
Washington. Check!
Brookeville.... Brookeville...

Did I just hear you say, “What?”

Don't worry if you did. You're probably not alone.

In fact, if you're not careful as you travel through Montgomery County, Maryland, you can drive right through that bit of history without even knowing it.

But, for one day, nearly 200 years ago, Brookeville, Md., a town with just over 100 residents, helped save a fledgling United States government and sheltered its president, while the British were burning Washington during the War of 1812.

Now, as the bicentennial of that day approaches, Brookeville wants to remind everyone of the big role the tiny town played in America's history.

For more information, go to townofbrookevillemd.org.

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