a competition entry. China 2008.


1. masterplan:

to the east of our side is a ca. 250 meter strong line of a tall government building. the line is going along the main street and form a kind of a plaza in the center of it by setting back with that line.
to the west and to the north there will be the main park for this island.

we are following with our design the strong line by the government building to continue this one and giving the whole design an endpoint with the exhibition spiral before the park is starting.
by doing so a 350m strong line (with set backs) is formed with a necessary endpoint.
the shape of the garden level in the north is curved because of the landscape around.

2. function.

we are using the different levels (street level and park level) to seperate the functions of the building.

coming from main street (west and east) as also from the center of the government complex we are curving our line to the entrance so that the visitor will be automatically absorb to that one.
in the bulk we are placing on 2 levels the office and the gis space.
the spiral is especially designed for the demand of the client with the huge model in the center.
from the entrance you may go directly through a big open stair to the garden level with the archive and the theaters.

THE SPIRAL: the archetype of this shape coming from a classic filmstrip (by elevation) and by drawings from the world famous artist Escher which were drawing a continuous line (by function).
we are seeing in the exhibition space a certain way the visitor should go. the beginning and the end of this one should be the same point (which is the entrance hall) with the main issue as the heart of it right in center which is the big model of the 3 islands. this heart you will be able to see from almost the whole exhibition space, but always from a different angel and height to create an exciting space.

1.the starting point of the exhibition will be this heart so the model which is already around 2 meter deeper to see clearly the masterplan of the islands.
2. after it the exhibition space will present the past - the present and the future in a continuous space. in this space we are using the curved walls to the outside for multimedia shows (the filmstrip in the elevation). when it's getting dark this elevation will be change to a huge screen to the outside. to the inside the visitor will be able to watch almost always to the big hall with the model inside.
3. the exhibition will be end with a theater space (where the visitor can see once more information material about the ideas and the future of this islands.

THE ORANGERIE: this is the space on the garden level with a hundred meter glass wall to the north where you will find an inside park designed as a chinese garden with water around as the border. along this curved glass wall (the orangerie) we areseperating the other functions: the entrances to the two theaters , a cafe as also the archive with the reading places to this glass wall. we are thinking that this is a quitely and nicely space by having all the way long the view to a colorful garden by doing research (archive), listen to some lectures (theaters) or just drinking a cup of coffee.

THE GARDEN: the archetype of this garden is the reason why this building has to be built: the future of the 3 islands. therefore we are creating a landscape with 3 islands and the main land which are similar in shape as the original ones. each of the 3 islands are getting there own atmosphere by flowers and plants. . the main land in this case our terrace along the glass wall. a fontaine in a circle of water symbolize the future port of the island.
between and along the border to the park and the government area we are placing some water as an important element in a traditional chinese garden.

THE PUBLIC ROOF DECK: the public will be able to go on the roof of the whole complex to get exciting views to the inside of the spiral , to the landscape garden in the north as also to the public park in the west. .
this gesture should symbolize that this building will be one for the public too. it will be a part of the park by placing (between spring and autumn time) different kind of dalian flowers on it.


we are using our shape as a huge screen which is also visible on the outside especially in the evening and night. the facade getting with this 3 or more different faces.
the elements: outside a layer of low iron u profile glass with translucent isolation. between the frame structure and led lighting and inside a simple layer of transluzent glass which has also the function as a curved screen.
installed projectors projection movies and images on this screen.

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