by Lola Arias

In My life after six Argentinian actors born in the 70’s and early 80’s reconstruct their parents youth from photos, letters, tapes, used clothes, stories, dim memories. Who were my parents when was I born? What was Argentina like before I learned to speak? How many versions are there about what happened before I existed or when I was so young that I can’t remember?
Each actor reconstructs scenes from the past in order to understand something from their future. As if they were their parents’ stunt doubles, they put on their clothes and try to represent their lives.
Carla reconstructs the conflicting versions about the death of her father, who was a sergeant in the People’s Revolutionary Army (ERP). Vanina looks at her childhood photos again trying to understand what her father did as an intelligence officer. Blas puts on his father’s cassock to represent his life at the seminary. Mariano listens again to the tapes left by his father, who wrote a column about cars and was a member of Juventud Peronista, the Peronist Youth. Pablo relives the days of his father as a clerk in a bank taken over by the military government. Liza revisits the circumstances when her parents left Argentina and went into exile.
My life after operates around the borders of reality and fiction, the encounter of two generations, the intersection of national history and private stories.


Blas Arrese Igor
Liza Casullo
Carla Crespo
Vanina Falco
Pablo Lugones
Mariano Speratti
Moreno Speratti da Cunha

Written and directed by Lola Arias.*

Dramaturgy: Sofía Medici.
Music: Ulises Conti.**
Set desing: Ariel Vacaro.
Choreography: Luciana Acuña.
Video: Marcos Medici.
Light design: Gonzalo Córdova
Costume design: Jazmín Berakha.
History Advisory: Gonzalo Aguilar.
Photos: Lorena Fernández.
Production: Gustavo Kotik.

* The play was written with the collaboration and original material supplied by the actors.
** The music was componed with the collaboration of Liza Casullo and Lola Arias.

Oppened on March, 26, 2009 at CTBA.

Coproduced by:
Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires, steirischer herbst, Theater Spektakel Zurich, International Summer Festival Kampnagel Hamburg, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival and Grand Theatre Groningen.
With the special support of: BIT Teatergarasjen, Spielart Festival and Goethe Institute.

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