Going to our 2012 show in Minneapolis, we knew three things: We had more more talented artists than ever. We would hold the opening in an audaciously large venue. And finally, that there would probably never be a better time to put ARTCRANK on film. The story we wanted to tell was about local artists creating bike-inspired posters that inspire people to look at bikes and art in a new way, and how a simple machine can inspire talented people to create amazing stuff.

Director: Tony Franklin | Royal Antler
Director of Photography: T.C. Worley | Royal Antler
Assistant Camera: Eric Schleicher | Royal Antler
Editor: Ryan Wheeler | Crash + Sue's
Colorist: Sue Lakso | Crash + Sue's
Sound Design: Kent Militzer | Uproar
Music: DOOMTREE, from the album "No Kings"

artcrank.com | royalantler.com | crash-sues.com | doomtree.net

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