Simultaneous Nikon D4 photos & panasonic video of a surf goddess!

Here're the nikon D4 photos I shot at the same time as the video:

Here Lakey Peterson is getting one of her high 9's! A near perfect heat! Lakey's 19.76 was the highest heat score at the 2012 US Open in Huntington Beach, for both men's and woman's!

Nikon D4 Shots of Beautiful Pro Women's Surfers with 600mm Nikkor Prime!

In Huntington Beach at the Huntington Pier! The US Nike Hurley Open!

First time out with the Nikon D4 & the AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED VR with Nikon's VR image stabilization and Nano Crystal Coat! & a video camera! Here're some pictures of my 45windsurfer rig:

The video camera I had mounted on the rig is the amazing image-stabilized Panasonic X900MK 3MOS 3D Full HD SD Camcorder. Will get the slow-motion video up tomorrow!

Rock on Surf City USA!

The Nikon D4 is amazing! It never misses a shot! And the 600mm F4 Nikkor prime was amazingly fast! I shot at ISO 200 fully open at F4 and many of these photos were shot at 1/4000 s or 1/5000 s! Amazingly sharp & detailed!

She was wearing a white Nike Wetsuit & a red singlet!

Nikon D4 Shooting Stills & Video @ Same Time! Pro Surf Girl Lakey Peterson Wins Nike US Open @ Huntington Beach Pier!

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