The mapping strategy
To combine unconscious+psychogeography+play

Inventing our own rules to create an unpredictable path, playing a game to reach the state of unconsious.

A pen, a tracing paper, a map.

Rule number 1, every member of the group draw a line randomly on the paper, the lines should be connected.

Rule number 2, place the tracing paper with the random path on top of Docklands map and follow.

Rule number 3, stop at the connecting points and ask strangers to play our game. They have to write the first word that comes to their mind after reading the words: Docklands, harbour, site and high rise building. If nobody is there we move to the next stop.

The game : Word association.
In Psychology word association is a way to reveal the unconscious.

The result is a map of associated words. A new awareness of urban landscape.

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