WARNING: this video contains spoilers for the game Unity Makes Strength. If you want to try the game by yourself first, you can play it here: jenswouters.com/projects/ums/ums.html

My apologies for any annoying mic sounds. I tried to avoid them, but I was not used to the mic.

This game has been created to achieve my master's degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts. The research I have done with this project was trying to find an answer to the question: 'Can culture lead to new types of gameplay?'
If you are interested, you can read the research document here: .hku.nl/~jens/ums/SN_JensWouters.pdf
It also addresses details I probably forgot to mention during this walkthrough.
I tried to create a game where the systems were purely based on culture and not on existing game genres. The game can be called an adventure game, but it is not focused on survival like most games.

Video created by me. Music by Dimitris Palaiogiannis.

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