MAKE-SPACE for ARCHITECTURE are working in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Architects, The Board of Architects, Sydney Architecture Festival and various social media platforms to bring you Super Sydney!

The opening event for the 2012 Sydney Architecture Festival themed Beyond Boundaries is called SUPER Sydney. It will examine metropolitan challenges by first inviting the people of Sydney to contribute their visions, concerns and dreams for the future of their city and presenting them in the form of a conversational event. SUPER Sydney creates a platform to give voice to the people of Sydney.

SUPER Sydney conversations will be a collection of interviews to be held in locations across the whole metropolitan area. Individuals or small groups will be asked some simple but challenging questions that seek their visions for their ideal Sydney of the future. They will also be asked what initiatives they might propose to help achieve that vision in their area. Visions can be broad or specific, from the level of the Sydney Basin down to the detail of tree planting in your street.

The Super Sydney local conversations will be facilitated by volunteer animators who will invite participants to share their stories and their ideas based on some broad questions that will have been communicated to the participants.

Examples of questions are as follows:
What do you love about Sydney?
Do the places you live in feel like that?
What do you want Sydney to be like in 50 years?
If you had the power to plan Sydney, what key things would be in your plan?
What would you do in the places you live, work or play?

The answers to the questions will be recorded, and later transcribed by the animators. A brief ‘Key Message’ will be recorded on digital video for possible future use at the main SUPER Sydney event in October.
The collated responses will be themed and categorised by architecture, landscape architecture and urban design students (TBC) as a research exercise and the findings transformed into alternative scenarios to be discussed at the Super Sydney event.

The responses, their analysis and the scenarios or propositions that result will be summarised along with the substance of the Super Sydney conversations into a publication that will be available online through the festival’s website. This document will also be presented to the government as a snapshot of a metropolitan vision for the future of Sydney provided by its citizens.

SUPER Sydney is seen as an ongoing dialogue between the city’s citizens, institutions and elected representatives with the aim of building a collective consciousness about a desired future for Australia’s iconic global metropolis. The SUPER Sydney process is loosely modelled on a recent process in Penrith and a union of Councils in Paris called Paris Métropole.

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