Authors: Room 100
Perforations Festival 2011 [see note at the bottom]

New circus is a demanding but very rewarding art form. In contrast with traditional circus, it is closer to theatre because, instead of just mere skill, it contains a form, a story, drama… New cricus is a possibility on the border of dance, drama and the fascinating skills of juggling, balancing, contortion, and all that ‘ordinary people’ are unable to do. This performance from the Split group Room 100 does not, however, talk about ordinary people. Behind the enigmatic title C8H11NO2 lies a dedication to those who function differently, and whose awareness is governed by different processes. The code of the title is the chemical formula for the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for the psychotic states that are spoken of, and faithfully reproduced in this show. The bodies of the performers and their acrobatics, together with water scenery and the props necessary for new circus magic, make a series of images that observe the notion of the hybridity of this performance genre from a different side. One that the majority does not want to be on, but which they will, through this production, become familiar with anyway.

New circus is a seed that was first sown in this region with appearances at Eurokaz, and later at the Festival of New Circus. It found fertile soil, as confirmed by the example of the Split group Room 100. Although somewhat in a media shadow, as new circus is not yet equal to other forms of performance, Jakov Labrović and Antonia Kuzmanić are almost more successful outside the borders of Croatia. In the French new circus scene, they are recognised as talents that should be invested in, and so even this performance was born of international cooperation.

[NOTE] This video was not taken at the Perforations Festival 2011, but C8H11NO2 was a part of the Festival.

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