Directed By Cezmi KARDAS
Camera Canon XL 1

I have tried to express the Birth of a soul and the hard times that the soul goes through during the Birth. The effort it shows while trying to be born to our know world. Despite the extra ordinary powers of this soul even being born as a butterfly that has a very short life is an uncomparable happiness. We would probobly understand the value of life if we were a butterfly with a very short life. If we have experiance this even only for a day knowing that wee'll die in two days we would probobly try to protect the beauty around us instead of destroying it. In our video we wanted to express how valuable is our lives. everything you watch in our video is fictious and the alphabet is my creation that has counterparts
in latin alphabet. Monolenium is a one man project as cretu's Enigma. It can be defined as a combination of Anatolian music with western music. The world should hear and learn this music.

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