Forget Angry Birds, we got some serious Angry Asians! Major animosity is breaking out between China and Japan right now….over a bunch of rocks! Say what? That's right: the Senkaku aka Diaoyu Islands just north of Taiwan have become a flash point of possible open conflict between the Asian economic titans, although the islands themselves probably aren't worth two shakes of salt. Listen as the Professor explains the current actions between the irate island hoppers, the history of how it came to this, and the bigger repercussions to the Pacific region, and the world.

Chinese activists land on Senkaku islet; Japan arrests 14

China and Japan's simmering island row is threatening to boil over

Barren Islands Bring China to a Boil

Why Chinese are protesting Japan again

Landings, protests stoke Japan-China islands dispute

Irrational, violent anti-Japanese protests should be avoided

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