For more than 60 years Jews are living in Israel under a Jewish Government. They fought 6-7 wars and are under constant threat of terror attacks.

Finally after almost 2000 years of exile and constant prayer and yearning to return to Jerusalem, it happened. Jews are in Israel and they are running their own affairs under a Jewish government.

So what happens when the Israeli government with the Jewish army withdraws from land under their jurisdiction, and they expel thousands of Jews from their homes with nowhere to go to?

Sounds familiar? It happened in Spain! It happened in Portugal! It happened in England! It happened in Iraq! It almost happened in the United States! And it happened in dozens of countries all over the world over the last two millennia.

Then it finally happens in Israel in the 21st century. A Jewish army expels Jews from a Jewish city in Israel!

How could this happen?

Isn't Israel the fulfillment of our dreams to rid ourselves from being the forever wandering Jew, because there isn't a place in the world he can call home? Is this what happens when you finally come home, you get expelled once again?

Rabbi Simon Jacobson tries to grapple with this issue by declaring the death of modern (secular) Zionism.

Who are the real zionists, and who will keep Israel going as a Jewish country for years to come?

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