Oak + Oar and Nice! Productions present the second installment of Homegrown, a series of videos catching up with some of the homegrown talent with ties to the city.

Growing up I can recall trying to fill the shoes of three people when the neighborhood kids got together. If you were playing hockey or street hockey you would try to be the first kid on the block to call dibs on being Teemu Selanne. If you were tossing the pigskin then you tried to embody the charismatic Milt Stegall and if you were out on the diamond you always tried to sneak into short stop to be Max Poulin. Max Poulin's unique signature on field style consisting of black eye grease and knee high socks, his abundance of talent and the fact that he ensured that just about every kid in attendance got an autograph after the game - made him a fan favourite. From a far it seemed that Max had it all together.It wasn't until stepping away from the game, after 8 seasons with the Goldeyes, that Max was forced to come face to face with his past. A past that included sexual abuse, a daunting and overwhelming task to overcome. One that would ultimately lead to depression and an attempt to take his own life.

Bon Iver - Lisbon, OH
Peter Bjorn & John - Barcelona

Directed by Nice! Productions / Oak + Oar


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