Parque is an interactive installation with an ecological message where the growth of a forest is determined by the amount of attention it receives.
By making upwards movements with their bodies, children can create new trees or grow existing ones. If a tree is left unattended for too long it will shrink and eventually disappear.

This installation was commissioned by the city of Almada to be part of a permanent exhibition at Parque da Paz, a beautiful park in Almada that now celebrates its 10th birthday.

video song is Cornelius - Tone Twilight Zone

some technical information:
this was created in c++ using the amazing openframeworks library. movement detection is done using openCv's optical flow and a custom openCV based contour tracker that calculates persistent contour identification over time. Computer vision is all running on a separate thread to keep things fast.
Trees and grass are constructed using particles and springs through a simple 2d Verlet physics engine based on this article here:

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