Riya* is a devout Muslim living with her family in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world. When her husband began listening to FEBC's broadcasts, Riya was shocked and angry. She became even more agitated when her husband brought the FEBC broadcaster to their home...Unbelievable! This was in complete opposition to everything she believed.

Yet as she listened to the words of this broadcaster, a miracle happened. Riya found a peace she had never before experienced, through Isa, Jesus.

Many Christians fear Islam. But in their fear, they fail to understand that many Muslims are desperately seeking after God and are open to the truth of the Gospel. Where missionaries are locked out and local Christians face persecution, radio can reach quietly into the homes and hearts of Muslim believers. That's why FEBC broadcasts into the Muslim world are so crucial and strategic.

Isa is Arabic for Jesus. And proclaiming the Love of Jesus is the focus of this effort.

*Name changed for security purposes

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