Tokyo Ebisu "STOP LIGHT".
It is a famous store of a 1978 model FXS lowrider and the silver shop which SILVER SMITH Takashi Takayama who uses the FORD DEUCE coupe of 1932 models as an everyday leg performs.
In the mediocre word "individuality" etc., point of the silver accessories maximum which a man produces is narrow, is twisted, and is in the strength of bitter taste until it is violent.
The power which spouts from the work of each is a symbol of a rebellious spirit, and a maker lives and it also needs it.
The foundation of the fashion scene of present Tokyo and a jam are the ringleader and Takashi Takayama who built the foundation of the fashion scene of Japan and pushed up the culture of being American casual, major.
A fashion is not made to finish with a free fashion, but its belief is projected there, and it sends to the world as a style.
The starting point of STOP LIGHT creation is exhausted to this one point.

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