Director: Gaurav Bakshi
Cast: Sumeet Raghavan
USA | 15mins| 2011 | US Premiere

What if Gandhiji were reincarnated in today?? day and age in India? With little in the form of charismatic leadership existing in the world, much less India, who would be able to resist following such a man? Reincarnation is the story of a common man, Siddhartha, who suddenly finds himself the center of a fast growing following, when news of his dream suggesting he is Gandhiji reborn, leaks out. The dream is about Gandhiji?? assassination and reveals details that only someone who was there could know. Not just the ordinary public, Siddhartha himself falls prey to his own publicity and increasingly adopts the mannerisms, garb and words of Bapu. He starts conducting prayer meetings that swell with devout followers every day. His fame spreads far and wide even reaching the PM?? ears, who decides to take him along to Pakistan in a desperate attempt to resolve the never-ending tension between the neighbors. But who is this man in reality? Could it really be that the great Mahatma has come back to redeem us? Does he go to Pakistan?

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