Captain Charles Moore asks on behalf of the Plastic Soup Foundation, The North Sea Foundation and many other NGO’s consumers to BOYCOTT cosmetic products containing plastic ingredients and to SIGN the petition on:

Why this is important

Without knowing it, most of you daily contribute to the Plastic Soup by scrubbing your body, brushing your teeth, cleaning your face or washing your hair, because the plastic micro beads inside these products will be washed down the drain.

This debris are about the same size range as plankton organisms and marine species are not able to distinguish food from this micro plastic.
On top of that micro beads also concentrate persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and are thus a transport medium for toxic chemicals in the marine environment. The fish you eat may be poisoned because of this.

That’s why we should immediately BAN using plastic micro beads inside these products! I hereby urgently ask all Consumers worldwide to BOYCOTT products containing plastic ingredients and to SIGN this petition.

More about Plastic Soup:

Plastic marine pollution is an additional problem on top of existing problems — such as global warming, acidification and overfishing. The oceans occupy 72% of the earth’s surface and they are our principal source of oxygen. Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to this vital global system, especially since plastic doesn’t degrade naturally. As a result of the breakdown and fragmentation of plastic into smaller particles, ocean water has been transformed into a sort of global microplastic soup — "Global Plastic."


Against this backdrop, the Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) wants to bring a halt to the increasing plastic pollution of marine environments. The intent of the PSF is to staunchly prevent more plastic ending up at sea. Change at a global level is needed to achieve this. The current unsustainable system of plastic production and consumption must be replaced by a sustainable system using alternative materials and by developing renewable products.

Main activities

The PSF wants to ban plastic products and plastic waste that is very small or contains small plastic parts and which is being produced, distributed and used on a large scale, or is expected to be so.

Useful links: is the official International Facebook of the Plastic Soup Foundation Europe. Like to LIKE us? Go ahead!

The official Dutch Facebook of the Plastic Soup Foundation can be found here:

Like to SUPPORT us?
The Plastic Soup Foundation has teamed up with PIFWorld:

The Plastic Soup Foundation also has a 'corporate' website: which is updated almost daily.

The BEAT THE MICRO BEAT petition can be found on:
Please SIGN our petition, we'll make sure your opinion will reach the retailers, companies and politicians.

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