A very quick grade of RAW DNG sequences shot and provided by John Brawley. I graded them in After Effects CS6 using ColorGHear (ColorGHear.com)

Go here for comparison to raw DNG vimeo.com/48029531

The files behave in much the same way as Raw R3D files in how AFX interprets them. There is a definite grain to the image. Not totally unpleasing. And, while it is a bit sluggish in AE CS6 (more so than 4k R3D) it grades VERY nicely.

The first shot is a saturated bleach bypass type look that has GHrain Killer applied to her face only - via power window. But the other 2 shots are very simple, 2 and 3 GHear grades respectively.

No totally happy with the skin tone in the sparkler shot. I think I may have to tweak the raw a bit more in the interpeter before grading. it just seems a bit muted to me. (I got better results on the tweaks I made for the comparison video linked above)

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