The OSLC access and debugging using your browser webcast delivered by Eclipse Lyo co-lead Mike Fiedler for the OSLC community on August 21, 2012. Use the timestamp links below to navigate to the different parts of the presentation.

Unfortunately the recording as some small corruption and has eluded our editing efforts (we wanted to provide several shorter videos). Instead, use these timestamp links to navigate to the different sections:
1. Introduction, tools, and background: 0:40
2. Service Discovery and Navigation: 8:14
3. CRUD operations on artifacts: 18:37
3.1. query: 19:25
3.2. create: 28:12
3.3. update: 34:50
4. Jazz rootservices: 38:37
5. The OAuth dance: 42:46

The abstract for the complete webcast was:
Learn how to access and debug OSLC-enabled applications with your web browser.
Using browser-only ways to access OSLC provider capabilities
* REST browser add-ons
* OSLC service discovery drill down
* OAuth authentication to get at protected resources

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