Live Feed - A virtual and experiential conversation weaving the participants of TEDxAustin 2012 : Beyond Measure together through an exploration of projected image, scale, and time.

A multi-camera, multi-projector installation was built in the Austin Music Hall, the venue for the 2012 TEDxAustin: Beyond Measure, as part of the xLab experience. Cameras were discreetly positioned throughout the space, captured footage and images were manipulated and sequenced through processing both in realtime and playback. These images were then projected across opposite sides of the venue weaving experiences across space and time.

Three themes and scales were explored and woven together MACRO – DSLR with tilt-shift miniaturization, MESO – Webcams, Flip, and analog camcorder, MICRO – Digital Presenters. Images were mixed and moved through a sequence from projector to projector constantly altering the interaction of participant and conversation, extending and expanding the conversation exponentially - Beyond Measure.

The installation was made of two 10’x 24’ projection surfaces, 10 cameras – digital presenters, web cameras, Flip camera, and a Canon 7D with 24mm tilt-shift lens; Progress software, Datavideo SE-500, Matrox TripleHead2Go.

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