COMUNE Skate team manager Noel Sinclair Boyt interviewing skate contributor Josh Murphy - @joshmerfie
Footage: Tony Mellick
Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt & Jordan Minardi
Music: SH

NB: Why is Colorado so good for skateboarding? Is it the elevation? Is it the water? Is it Denver Park?

JM: Colorado is good for skating because of the spots, the parks, and the people. People are traveling from long distances just to skate all the new parks, which are some of the most original and fun parks I've ever seen.

NB: Couch surfing can be a harsh reality if you're trying to travel a lot and skate…is it taking a toll yet? I used to go a little coo-coo for coco puffs when I used to bounce around…

JM: Couch surfing in California has been mellow, I think the key is finding good friends to stay with and to contribute as much as you can to the harmony of the household. Clean, keep your space small and neat, do dishes, take out trash, and just show that you appreciate the help you are being given.

NB: What's up with moving to California? It seemed kind of spontaneous considering you're, for the most part, a premeditated fellow…

JM: I'm moving to California because I finished school and didn't feel ready to accept job offers in my major. I knew that if I took a job teaching I'd really regret not giving 100% of myself to skateboarding, so I decided to do that instead. I'm not sure how it will all work out, but I'm enjoying it so far.

NB: What's it like shooting with Ty Bush? I see his photos everywhere but never see him with a camera…

JM: It's cool shooting with Ty. He actually skates, so he doesn't call out ridiculous tricks for you to try or take to you to the gnarliest spots expecting something amazing. He's generally just down for the session and is motivated to shoot photos, and that's good enough for me.

NB: Why do you love those fizzy cola gummies so much?

JM: I'm kinda off candy and soda and all that, for financial and health reasons. But they are pretty delicious.

NB: What's in the works now? New projects? New hobbies?

JM: Well, I'm not sure when this little questionnaire will actually come out. As of right now (mid-August 2012), I've just finished my video check-out for Transworld and I'm currently trying to get as much footage as possible for a Thunder commercial. I guess in general I'm just trying to skate a lot, film and shoot photos, all that jazz. Outside of skating, I keep telling myself that I should ride my bike more and practice piano more, but I don't seem to actually do either enough.

NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn/Winter line right now?

JM: The Raul Pant. Fits just right and stretches well for skating.

NB: Do you remember the first skate magazine you ever saw?

JM: It was a Transworld, Danny Way jumping out of the helicopter into that DC ramp. My aunt bought it for me before I even skated. I had ear surgery and she gave it to me as reading material during recovery.

NB: Worst case scenario? Best case scenario?

JM: Worst case scenario would be any situation where I'm not happy with my life. The best case scenario would be just the opposite of that.

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