The film captures the internal thoughts of King Gilgamesh while his only friend, Enkidu, falls silent between his arms.

This short film is inspired by the great Epic Poem of Gilgamesh which is the oldest literature known to man. It tells the story of coming of age, friendship, morality, divinity, and very meaning of life. It's a timeless story written in 2500BC in the great city of Uruk, nowadays Southern Iraq.

The Epic is composed of 12 tablets written in cuneiform buried in the ruins of the great Library of Ashurpanipal, the Assyrian king in the 7th century BC.

Shot on 35mm film in Chicago. 2011.

Gilgamesh: Jason Buhalis
Enkidu: David Petrovic

Director: Joseph Dankha
Cinematographer: Sargon Saadi
Exec Producer: Sargon Saadi and Jason Poh
1AD and Producer: Aaqib Usman
Production Designer: Amanda Wolter
Editor: Brandan Gajic
Costume Designers: Idsala Abdul Ahad
Hair and Make Up Artist: Jacqui Graziano and Ashley Brooks
Singer/Composer: Ninorta
Casting Director: Adam Goodell
Voice Over Writer: Patrick Shino
Voice Over Performer: Edgar Sanchez
ADR Recordists: Stephen Holligar and Eddie Khoury

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