This Americonic film is based on “I Soar”, the beautiful poem by Liverpool Poet, Diane Ward. Both Steven and I were struck not only by the text, but also by Diane’s honest and gentle reading, which serves to enhance the power of her words. Thanks to actress Britt Harris and everyone else involved in helping us bring this project to life.-- Glenn Scott Lacey

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I Soar by Diane Ward

I soar
High above in clear skies
Fast over hedges
And close upon trees
I soar
Into colors that bathe my soul
I soar
Through slow motion rain that strikes just like ice
Before pelting the ground
I soar
With my fingertips touching the earth
And lightening down my spine
I soar
With acceptance complete
And freedom unending
I soar
Like the shivering bird's wing
And the toe of a mouse
I soar
With the boldness of a lion
And a parrot’s squawk
I soar
Like the gentle touch of water
Understanding my knowing

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