Together we can stop New Zealand heading down the wrong road

Transport in New Zealand is at a critical juncture. The Government is locking in plans to spend inordinate amounts of money on motorways with dubious economic benefits, while severely under-spending on all other forms of transport. These motorways will further limit the freedom of New Zealanders’ travel choices, leave us at the mercy of rising petrol prices and lock us into carbon intensive infrastructure for several decades.

Generation Zero is running a campaign to highlight the short-sighted and unbalanced transport budget. We are reminding the Government and the roading lobby that this is our taxpayer money they are spending. Smart transport options, such as the Auckland City Rail Link, will ensure a better future for our economy and our people, expensive motorways will not.

By uniting behind an open letter to the Minister of Transport, Gerry Brownlee, we will draw media attention to this critical issue so the Government gets the message and is compelled to rethink their risky plans. Sign the open letter now and send to everyone.

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