SOAP is short for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer and is a simple way to approach your personal devotion time with God.

Here’s what you need:

Bible: Be sure to get a Bible translation you can understand. The New International Version (NIV) Study Bible is a great start. It contains footnotes, definitions, a concordance, and other tools to help you understand the Scriptures.

Journal: This is your Spiritual DVR. It helps you capture and record all of the good stuff God wants to speak into your life.

Pen: Obviously, so you can write stuff down.

Reading Plan. You can download the Torch Reading Plan or pick up a Torch Reading Plan bookmark or journal in the Torch Lobby.

Scratch Pad. This is to write down all those little annoying things that creep in while you’re trying to focus on God’s voice. Make a “To Do” list of things for later.

Note: It’s also helpful to set a specific time and place where you meet God each day. If you know when and where you plan to “meet God,” you are more likely to show up. He will certainly be there waiting for you!

Here’s what you do: Very simply, carve out a quiet time each day

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