Cinematographer John Brawley recently got the greenlight from Blackmagic to release some of the raw footage from a recent shoot he did.

I took this opportunity to see what kind of results I could get grading the footage in Lightroom using VSCO Film presets as a starting point. I am fully aware that the presets I used were calibrated for a specific Canon Camera and don't exactly replicate the film stocks that they represent. VSCO Film was never intended to be doing what I have done...but it looks dang amazing!
Visual Supply Co.

All files were brought into Premiere Pro and had a grain plate added on top to really sell the point.

My mind is blown that RAW video files are now within reach of consumers that don't have have tons of money to throw around. Thanks Blackmagic for shaking things up and thanks to John Brawley for doing a superb job shooting this footage! I look forward to shooting on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera soon!

Files available for download:

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional colorist, I just enjoy learning and growing in my craft. In no way does this video reflect the work of John Brawley, Blackmagic, or Visual Supply Co.

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