Here is one of VideoBuzz's clients, Marketing Hands.

Don't miss opportunities of growing your business and even getting new customers. Marketing Hands can help you achieve clarity and focus, communicate more effectively with customers, and achieve great results.

Today, business owners are overwhelmed with the multitude of new ways to communicate with customers. New digital platforms pop up seemingly overnight and mobile devices have revolutionised the how and when our existing and future customers consume information.
As a business owner/manager, you now know that just having a website is not enough. You need to be seen on facebook, linked-in, twitter, pinterest, instgram, slideshare, youtube and worse still, you have to become publishing gurus that produce interesting and captivating content that attracts new customers which is then dispersed across the digital platforms daily, weekly and monthly. For most, it is completely overwhelming.
With 85% of the Australian population using smart phones to obtain information business can no longer afford to not be found on all the different marketing tools. Some business are doing it but not getting results and this is generally because they are producing:
The wrong content
To the wrong audience
At the wrong time
Where as, proposes to manage all this for you. We have a unique and leading solution. We have an integrated network of expert digital providers that collaborate to:
Create the right content
To the right audience
At the right time
Put simply we orchestrate and manage all your content marketing for you. We bring consistency, predictability, charisma and velocity to your marketing, creating absolute personalisation where possible.
We are committed to cutting through the noise and strategically plan short & long-term campaigns that will WOW your customers and drive your revenues through the roof.
At Marketing Hands, we would love to get to know your business better and we guarantee we will listen with open ears and unearth some great ideas that will drive your customers in and kick your competitors butt!


VideoBuzz focuses on taking company messages and turning them into fun and engaging videos.

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