IPEVO's Portable USB LED Light combines an ultra-bright tube of powerful LED lights with a flexible, poseable cord for an inexpensive and versatile light at work or at home.

A row of 10 LED lights are arranged in a tube, which is perfect for illuminating a keyboard, acting as a work light for a desk or workshop area, creating a bright space for reading, and much more. The high number of lights results in an ultra-bright luminance rating of 300 lux. Premium diffusion within the tube creates a gentle and even "cool white" light source — light quality comparable to top competing products costing much more. This soft light won't tire your eyes even after long sessions.

Plug the light into any standard USB port, then pose the light's flexible cord according to your needs and preference. The entire light measures 20.1 inches (51cm), so you have several options for how best to pose your light.

The Portable USB LED Light is also the perfect companion accessory for your Point 2 View or Ziggi USB Document Camera. Use the light in combination with your camera to provide just the right illumination for text, pictures and objects, particularly in darkened rooms.

One feature to make the light even easier to use is the on/off touch switch located at the end of the tube. Just tap and go. The light is small enough to take with you anywhere, and it can be made even more compact by separating the light tube from the cord with a gentle tug.

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