We started this project by thinking of how to make an app visually feel like a social experience. Then we had to think of how to introduce all these characters and get them into one location and make the process feel easy and fun! Pollard Banknote gave us a lot of freedom and encouraged us to think outside of the box on this project and we hope that shows in the final video!

Pollard Banknote's Social Instants™ is user-friendly and ultra-convenient. Using our patent-pending Quick Link™ technology, players simply scan a QR code located on the ticket using their smartphone. They are then seamlessly connected to our Social Instants™ app, which allows them to share winning experiences via their social networks, enter second chance draws using non-winning tickets, and invite friends/family to participate in team play.


Production Company: Handcraft Creative
Client: Pollard Banknote
Director: Raymond Friesen
Production Assistant: Janeen Robinson
Makeup: Coralea Courtland
Hair: Robin Johnson

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