Hello everybody this is Neil Ferree

I suspect you're watching this video because you searched Google or YouTube for the keyword phrase How to Get More YouTube Views. I say that because that's the keyword I optimized this video for. How to get more YouTube Views.

Over the next couple of minutes, I'm going to share you a little known technique that lets you Dominate the Suggested Videos on YouTube. If you use this technique, you'll see a massive increase in your YouTube Views.

What are Suggested Videos? These are Videos Views from the thumbnails appearing on the side of the page of other videos or the end screen of a video.

Here's where the suggested videos show up on YouTube. As you can see, my client, Oltarsh & Associates dominates the recommended videos on the right of the screen. What's impressive is how fast this technique works. Notice these videos were published on August 7th. So in less than a week (5 days actually) her 5 other videos are all listed above the fold in the recommended video panel feed.

Here's what the recommended videos look like in the "end of screen" view. But I can tell you from experience, the video thumbnails on the right of the page get a lot more clicks than the end of screen thumbnails. The reason being, most people don't watch an entire video, unless it's very short or very compelling content or both.

Ideally, the goal is to have your videos populate the top recommended videos on the right side of the page, like my client does here. As you can see, the end of screen video shows 12 videos, so if you produce 13 videos, you can potentially lock our your competition by owning all 12 spots. OK, so now you know what a recommended video is and where they show up on YouTube. Now let me share with you why this video marketing technique is so important and how it works.

OK, let me show you some stats on how and why this YouTube video marketing technique is so powerful. This is a screen shot from my YouTube analytic dashboard. As you can see, over the past 12 months, my channel got a total of 24,182 YouTube Views. Notice that 5,269 views came from "suggested videos". That's 21.8% of all my video views. These are extra video views. These are video views I wouldn't have gotten if I weren't using this YouTube video marketing technique. Keep in mind, I wasn't using this video marketing technique a year ago like I am now. I kinda Forrest Gumped my way into discovering how powerful this video marketing technique is.

Here's the stats for my YouTube channel over the last 30 days. Notice the number #1 traffic source is "suggested videos". Of the 2,176 views my channel got 752 of them came from "suggested videos" that's almost 35% of all the views my channel got were generated using this video marketing technique. I would submit to you that if you use this video marketing technique and it will increase your video views by 35% this video marketing technique should find its way into your video marketing mix.

This screen shot shows what videos the viewer watched first and then clicked over to watch my video. As you can see, 91 people watched this video "how to build your very own WordPress website" and then they clicked over and watched my video "how to build a world class WordPress website" 84 guys looked at "creating business website using WordPress " and then clicked over to view my video. I'm not 100% sure yet how to leverage this data, but when I leave a comment on these videos, I will probably get a nice spike in social engagements and that's a good thing too.

I should point out, it helps having a website that ranks at the top of Google for your target keywords. As you can see, I got Oltarsh ranked at the top of Google for Immigration Attorney NY, Immigration Attorney NYC and Immigration Attorney New York using my link building strategy. But like I said, this video marketing technique doesn't require you to use my link building program for this to work but it helps.

OK, let me show you some stats on how well this video marketing strategy works. Here's a screen from the Oltarsh YouTube analytics showing recommended videos for the past 12 months. Clearly, once we deployed this video marketing technique her video views say a dramatic spike in views.

Here's the screen show of her "suggested video" views for the past 30 days. It's pretty obvious this video marketing technique works as advertised and happen fast.

OK, so now you know what "suggested videos" are and it greatly increases your video views, let me show you one of the key digital marketing elements needed for this technique to work. As you probably know, YouTube recently upgraded their player and now we can add Captions to our videos. The is key because now, the YouTube algorithm can index our videos using the text transcript we upload to each video.

This is what the closed captions looks like to the viewer, if they activate the CC option. In the old days, we had to rely on H1 Titles, Tags and the description box to optimize our videos. Now we can attach a text base transcript that contains every word spoken in the video. This is great news for all of us YouTube Video marketers!

Google Instant is a search enhancement that shows results as you type. I will go into this in much more detail in my next video. Suffice to say, selecting the right H1 Title and Tags and keywords used in your CC transcript is very important.

Hopefully, you recognize that by dominating the "recommended video" feeds, you will greatly increase your video views. This video marketing technique will work in any niche market. Since I happen to have a number of clients in the Bankruptcy space, I'm going to roll out a Bankruptcy Video Marketing program in 10 cities. I am going to work with only 1 client per city. Once we've agreed on the 13 scripts for 13 videos will use to create the video set I will optimize each video so that guy will dominate the "recommended videos" for their City.

So if you're a Bankruptcy attorney and you want to take your video marketing to the next level and DOMINATE the YouTube "suggested videos" get a lot more views of your videos. I invite you to do the following (this will help you get on the short list)

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4) call me 4242485122 to see if you city is still available

Thanks for your time and attention.

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