I met Stephen Belgin in Colorado in August 2012. "New Money for a New World", the book he co-authored with Bernard Lietaer has just been published. New Money for a New World examines a previously unexamined culprit for the many issues we face today—the monopoly of our centuries old monetary system.

In this interview Stephen talks about the book as well as the monetary system and how it was connected with "Great Mother" in ancient times. He emphasizes the need for local complementary currencies to support the feminine principles and values to inform our creations.

Bernard Lietaer author of The Future of Money (translated into 18 languages), is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems.
Stephen is the founder and President of Qiterra Press. He is a self-described passionate student of systems thinking and what is truly possible. A near-death experience in the 1970's began a journey that spanned much of the globe and a wide variety of disciplines, including medical research and communications.

For more information about New Money for a New World, please visit newmoneyforanewworld.com/
For learn more about complementary currencies, see complementarycurrency.org/
For more stories from a brave new world, take a look at thebravenewworld.org

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