Plura cave system is in Jordbrudalen, northern Norway. Altitude 400m. We started to dive the Plura deep section in 2005 and added some line in 2011. This year we added some more.
Some safety stages and one for air brakes was taken on the other side of the air chamber on a set up dive (there is an air chamber on the way in and out, so we have to deco from the deep dive more than 1 km into the cave, and then we pass the air chamber and do one more dive, 15 minutes scootering max depth 33 m, to get out). Equipment testing was also needed to get the idea of how the current low quality rebreather oxygen sensors are functioning.
During the deep dive cells were quite ok for the first four hours but the rest of the dive was continuous beeping. Cell warning and oxygen exposure warning of the Vision. Classic is better for long dives as it does not complain about the oxy exposure and it is also possible to switch off during shallow deco to make it silent and save batteries for the later parts of the dive.

There had been other divers on the same area after our dive in August 2011.
Morten´s reel had been moved and it is now tied to one tie-off. The line was more strait as earlier. Ståles reel and double line to it was still as it was left in 2006. Our line from the T at 104 had been moved. Now it goes around one corner along low space route. Not much danger as the visibility has always been good in that rocky area. Probably the line had got loose from some part for some reason. Our line has four black marks on five meter intervals.

Our line did end to 120m and now it continues from there with a new one. There is a restriction with sharp stones first but it opens up again for easy swimming down to 126m where the tunnel continues left down to 132m. The fourth reel below 60m was at the end of the line. In that place there are tunnels to two directions. The reel was taken further some 42 meters. There should have been knots on the new line but we noticed only one and we do not know what is the distance between the knots. Last tie-off is in a bit silty place. Cave seems to continue to SE but there is a restriction again after few meters. The tunnel is below the Steinugleflåget system. We dove in Steinugleflåget in 2010, here is a short story about that:

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