Origins: Spring 2011
Ambience by Bella Echeverria
4:49, Super 8 on video.

"Originally I wanted to show how different and distinct the urban and natural landscapes were but once I began the process of filming I realized that things were not going to work out exactly as I had originally planned. Once I was filming, I was able to experience how different the two atmospheres were. In the city, I was constantly being watched by passers by and kept having to watch out about running into people while filming. It was also relatively crowded and chaotic; there was movement everywhere. In the forest, it was very quiet and as we hiked higher, it became less populated by people. Everything was still and calm and I felt like I could think more clearly. After a long process of editing, I came to the conclusion that the original landscape idea wasn't going to work well and I had to figure something else out. The finished product presented itself as an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of these two very different places and also to remind people that the city was born out of the natural atmosphere and mutated itself into what we now recognize as our natural atmosphere, the city."

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