I took Sean to Shedd Aquarium today.
He has been into Jelly fish lately, reading tons of books, and studying each kind.
Beluga Whale has been one of his favorites for a long time, but in addition to that, Jelly fish has been his interest lately.
With moving, and editing (and shooting), it was almost impossible to make a trip, but since I was afraid the special exhibition was gonna be over, I decided to keep the promise with my son, and took him there.
When I took my 7D and Zeiss 50mm, I thought I was gonna snap some still images of him, and jelly fish.
But more I thought about it, the movement of jelly fish felt more appropriate to capture its Motion by video than still images.
So I ended up capturing about 30 mins footage, then cut down to 4-5 minutest highlight/SDE, LOL!
I didn't have any rig. Just the strap, and camera. That was it.
It was great feeling to see my son being amazed by each jelly fish, and looks like he had fun time.
It's awesome to be a father to such a wonderful child.


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