A short fanedit by CBB for the second fanedit.org consecution project. Find out more info about the group project here: fanedit.org/4562/

A doctor on a zombie infested island tries to find an answer to the phenomenon, when finally all hell breaks lose.

Other videos in project:
- "Diary of a Dying Man" by 3Raz0r vimeo.com/4298010
- "The Virus" by Horrorgrind vimeo.com/4411755
- "Das Zombie" by Mollo vimeo.com/4691748
- "Dead Awake" by Blueyoda vimeo.com/3135232
- "School's in Session" by Aztek463 vimeo.com/4982189
- "Dawn of the Millennium" by ThrowgnCpr vimeo.com/4295266
- "In 20 Seconds" by Tranzor vimeo.com/4416776
- "2 Against the World" by Stomachworm vimeo.com/4985055
- "Surviving an Undead Uprising" by Uncanny Antman vimeo.com/3050865

Bonus Features
- "Visit Ravenholm" by Ghostcut Pictures vimeo.com/4987291
- "Marvel Zombies" by Ojala Productions vimeo.com/4300995
- "Takashi's Zombie Dance" by Mollo vimeo.com/2573154

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