" The Cure Of a Mad Youth" actually describes the problem about " self-salvation ".
Today we find ourselves living in such a materialistic world. With rapid growth in the economy,however , have we ever consider that whether young people who are bred in this period, and their mental reserves are well-developed while the material reserves is more sufficient.
Those born in the 80s are confident as they are lucky to meet the better conditions and opportunities. However, they are also readily self-conceited, because the existence of the spirit of egoism in today's society.
With college students committed suicide frequently in recent years, we have to think about what do happen to our young people, our pillars. We can not deny we are on the road of modernization. We just need to concern young people's mental reserves.
"God" is based on my observation of some young people born in the 80s, as well as my personal reflection, re-creation includes an exaggeration of the sentiments, and comedy of the kind of "too depressed", "too sad". "Kill me" in the dream means "kill him to save me". The weapon, the knife is symbol of fragment. The previous self-separation is actually a sense of personal release.
For the 80s and the 90s who lack of mental reserves, we tend to over-emphasize others’ hand, "self-help" is fundamental in fact. They need independence and release, this is the only way they can go back to the real life.
To kill, not like clean, but reborn. This is the subject I want to express.

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