Tropical Storm Irene animation with voice-over for the Hudson River, section view from Verrazano (left side; ocean end) northward to Albany (right side; river end).  Black areas are below the river bed.  Colors are defined in the titles and color bars on the right, with the top panel showing water velocity (positive for up the Hudson) and bottom showing water salinity.  Total water elevation is the vertical level of the color-shaded regions.  The dashed lines show the minor and moderate flooding benchmark elevations — generally where water spills over sea walls.

The research, including comparisons of observed and modeled water elevations, is summarized in a published, peer-reviewed paper:
Orton, P. M., N. Georgas, A. Blumberg, and J. Pullen, 2012. Detailed Modeling of Recent Severe Storm Tides in Estuaries of the New York City Region, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2012JC008220, in press.

More info an blog post at:

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