In 2011, my dad and I packed the truck up and headed 'NORTH'. With only one goal in mind, get out of the fast paced city and slow down in the great outdoors. Our final destination, Camp Narrows Lodge; located in Rainy Lake, Canada. Owner Tom Pearson, wasted no time to get us settled in and ready for our first day. For the next five days, we woke up every morning to a great breakfast, followed by a quick boat ride into one of their duck hunting locations. After piling up the shotgun shells we then headed back to the lodge for some lunch and quickly switched our shotguns to some fishing poles. Once the livewell was full of monster Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Northern we then headed back to gear up for our Bear Hunt. Again, with another quick boat ride to an isolated island, we would begin our Bear hunt. We would finish our days with a dinner suited for a King and a good nights sleep, ready to do it all over again. Without a doubt, this was a trip full of laughs, adrenaline, and great new friends. I will always remember our trip up 'NORTH'.

- Adam Jordison | modern legacy productions

For more information about Camp Narrows Lodge visit: or

Music Information 0:51 - 3:47
Artist - This Will Destroy You
Track - They Move On Tracks Of Never Ending Light
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