“If it’s too perfect, you don’t believe it. I want it a little out of focus. I don’t want you to admire the image. You never stop to look - so you feel.” — John Cassavetes

Episode 9 - Black Box Theater Television
"She Devil" by Keith R. Higgons
Starring: Sarah Sanders
Directed by Keith R. Higgons

Porn. The reluctant technological trailblazer. In episode 9 of Black Box Theater TV Keith R. Higgons examines a management meeting of an adult entertainment company. Run by a woman. One of the few times a 24 inch dildo has been given the proper shout out.
Sarah Sanders is Elizabeth, the corporate She Devil, who needs to explain to her employees the concept of capitalism in the modern age. Is she an X-Rated Ayn Rand? You decide.

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