Today is August 20, 2012 and today I want to talk to you about two types of influence and how you can be more productive using the appropriate style of influence at the appropriate time.

The first type of influence is called Expressive Influence. This style of influence is best seen as expressing facts, data, opinions or perspectives. You are conveying information and working to convince another person as to your point of view.

The second type of influence is called Receptive Influence. This type of influence is best seen as listening to understand and learning as much as possible about the other person. You are in an information-gathering mode as opposed to an information presentation mode.

KEY POINT: You have to be as good with expressive influence as you are with receptive influence in order to be effective.

Here are my two suggestions about how you can have a more effective week:

Step number 1: Recognize which style of influence is your preferred style? Do you prefer to convey information and convince people of your point of view first and then respond based on their response? Or, do you listen to understand the other person and learn as much as you can about them before conveying your point of view?

Step number 2: Learn to identify a person’s preferred influence style and communicate with them based on their preference not yours. Think of preferred communication style as a foreign language – and in order to influence others you have to first communicate with them in their native tongue.

If you learn how to recognize when someone wants you to talk less and listen more, or when they want you to stop listening and start talking you will be significantly more effective when it comes to influencing others.

Here are three questions for your consideration:

1. Can you think of a situation where you used the wrong form of influence? What were the consequences?

2. Can you think of a situation where someone used the wrong form of influence with you? What were the consequences of them doing so? How do you view that person today?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being low and 10 being high, how practiced are you at recognizing people’s preferred influencing style?

If you want to enhance you ability to positively influence key decision makers, call and ask Hugh about his Executive Presence consulting and coaching programs.

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