Video by Manuel Fernández, Remix by Droid-ON

Manuel Fernández is a spanish artist based in Madrid. His artistic practice begins at the border of art, popular culture and Internet.

He work with a wide range of media including: painting, website, animated gif, installation, photography, video and print. His notable pieces include QR Calligraphy, Two Hundred and Sixteen Colors, On Kawara Time Machine, Ants and most recently Broken Gradients.

Fernández has several works at the Artbase of Rhizome at the New Museum NYC and has been exhibited in the Americas, Europe and Asia, including Pompidou Center, Paris, Bronx Art Space, New York, The Photographers Gallery, London, The White House Studio Project, Toronto, Shangai Art Museum and the Triennale di Milano.

Manuel has received numerous awards for his work, including Carmen Arozena Prize, Madrid, Projecte Capella Intervention Prize, Palma de Mallorca, and Castellón Expanded Painting Prize.

Fernández is founder and curator of Domain Gallery a web based gallery focused on digital and internet based works. His work have been featured in multiple outlets, including spanish newspaper El País, trend magazine Notodo, Triangulation Blog and Minus Space Blog, New York, among others.

Manuel Fernández is represented by Galería Adriana Suárez, Gijón, Spain, and Domain Gallery on Internet.
Primitive technology is alive. Droid-ON is a Brazilian chipmusic project, based on the low-tech production,
inspired by the jungle wilderness and the old-computer scrap. Since 2008 making music with videogame trackers, the obsolete softwares, progressing to handheld devices, the micro-machines. The project challenges the planned obsolescence and claims to be equal among hi-tech producers, although this boundarie is still on debate. The live performance is enhanced with Escaphandro Visuals, displaying pixelart and symbolic images, mixed with inspiring glitches.

Co-founder of the first chipmusic collective net-label in Brazil, wich gather and distributes chipmusic releases from
here and around the world.

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