Description. "Jungle Drum" is the latest single from Icelandic pop singer Emiliana Torrini’s acclaimed album "Me and Armini".
For this video the director James Price envisaged a fantastic jungle made entirely of paper through which Emiliana and her band would journey. Every single tree, flower and leaf was hand crafted by the art department, creating a spectactular result of a magical, multicoloured jungle.

Role. Art Director.

Client. Produced by RSA Films for the artist Emiliana torrini.

Contributors. Price James: direction. Bryony Birkbeck, Anna Lomax: art direction.
Augusta Akerman, Jack Surasa, Kanitha Mairaing, Sarah Parker, Charlotte Craig, Hannah Futers, Alice Moxon, Louise Sheeran: art department. Paper artist: Petra Storrs.

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