Date: May 21, 2009.
Presenters: Carne Clarke and Alma Ramirez, WestEd.
Event-related resources (e.g., PDF of presentation, etc.):

WestEd's Math Pathways & Pitfalls (MPP) instructional strategies support increasingly sophisticated mathematical reasoning and academic language use—two competencies that are fundamental to learning mathematics in the earlier grades and promoting success in high school and college. MPP also uses scaffolding techniques to cultivate productive and respectful classroom conversations and achieve equitable learning among students of all language backgrounds.

In this archived webinar, Carne Clarke and Alma Ramírez, Senior Research Associates at WestEd and developers of MPP, identify several powerful strategies that all teachers can apply to their mathematics lessons, regardless of their adopted curriculum. Clarke and Ramirez provide an overview of the MPP research foundation and give examples of how these strategies boost learning in the MPP Intervention Curriculum.

This archived webinar provides tips for helping teachers implement the following strategies:
- Turn pitfalls into pathways for learning
- Develop a community of learners
- Address multiple modalities
- Develop mathematical language

The presenters also share findings from a national randomized trial study of MPP showing significant positive effects in mathematics learning for both native English speakers and English learners.

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