It was funny to see Michael and Intan for the first time in the studio. Michael with his notepad discussing attentively about the wedding while Intan with her smile and laid back attitude just kept on laughing and having jokes with us. Usually its the other way around and we just kept teasing them about it (Intan in particular :P )

We also knew that their wedding was going to be awesome, but we didn't expect it to be so full of emotion and lovely mini-stories. My favourite shot would be dave's shot on Michael's tear coming out during the wedding blessing. Intan's vow was also tear jerker for anyone who's watching the SDE on that night. Just love the dynamic of this same day edit and wouldn't have it any other way.

The song is by a great indie band called "US". They are originally a youtube artist and I actually pledged on their kickstarter project to make their first album and made great relationship with them as I love their story and their music. If you haven't known them before, they got some great tunes so make sure to check it out on iTunes.

Thanks everyone for watching!

The Paper Cranes Team

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