Well, well, well—Nazis versus hippies; you can’t get much more ideologically opposite in western culture. Seems we westerners are in this constant flux between one far political extreme and another, with neither leading to any enduring or worthwhile ends. So I examine the extremes, then point out (IMAO) why we keep missing the entire point of what human society is supposed to be about.

I talk a lot about the Nazis for the first half of this, as I think that’s also a source of confusion. Here we are, taught in our American schools to fear this particular group of Germans as though they were some sort of HG Wells aliens sent to subjugate/terminate mankind, yet they really weren’t too different from any other western (and even eastern) grouping of their generation—only more obvious here and there in their imperialistic designs.

Of course, I then throw in a little segment from one of the episodes of the Twilight Zone (original 1960s series); I do this because…I’m just like that. Then I make a prediction about the future, seeing as I’m a futurist.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy my essay—or at least gain something, somewhere along the line, about whatever it was you didn’t already know.

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