!!WARNING this movie is completely grotesque and contains POTTY HUMOR!!!!

Potty humor comes to life as office worker Bill terrorizes his co-workers with his bathroom faux paus, disgusting fart noises and diarrhea and general fecal matters destroy the toilet and all those who enter the Men's Room with..... THE MANHATTAN PROJECT!

starring Vincent P Lowry, Andy Schofield, & Paul Valentine (aka the Fat Kevin Costner)

written & directed by Peter John Ross

produced by Sonny Boo

cinematography by Matthias Saunders

boom mic by Kevin Carr

edited by Peter John Ross

sound FX by Maurice L. Ruckman Jr. & Peter John Ross

music by Peter John Ross & Kraig Phillips

Shot in Feb 2000 at Bank One for which the writer/director was subsequently fired for.

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